Bar-B-Que food truck hits the streets (pedestrian spared)

"The Best Little Pork House in Alabama" now has a food truck, too — a custom-built, 29-foot barbecue wagon that's equipped with just everything the mobile chef could ever want or need.

"We pull up, and whatever a customer wants, we will be able to facilitate it," Full Moon co-owner David Maluff told earlier today. "We've got fryers, a big flat-top griddle, a nice steam table, a three-compartment sink, a point-of-sales system, a beer cooler — everything in there that we wanted.

"The only thing it didn't come with is a smoker. And if this one is successful, we will get a smoker built in to the next one."

The propane tanks on the back of the Full Moon Bar-B-Que food truck are painted and wrapped to look like a bottle of barbecue sauce and a bottle of chow-chow. (Photo courtesy of KC Projects) 

The "Ultimate Food Truck," as Maluff and his brother, Joe, are calling it, will make its debut this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Summit retail center, where it will be parked in the lot near Wells Fargo.

"We are going to try it out at the Summit for the next three weekends, and after that, we will come up with a game plan of where we want to be," Maluff said.

Wrapped in Kentucky blue with the familiar man-in-the-moon logo on the side, the Full Moon food truck will be easy to spot wherever it goes. Even the propane tanks on the back of the truck are decorated.

"It's a fun-looking truck," Maluff said. "I didn't want the propane tanks to look like propane tanks, so we painted them and wrapped them to make them (look like) a bottle of our barbecue sauce and a bottle of our chow-chow, which we are famous for."