City Council Considers Doubling Number Of Street Vendor Permits

A hearing was recently on legislation that proposes to increase the number of street vendor permits the city issues each year, bringing the number to 8,000 by 2023.

The city’s health department has issued roughly the same number of permits each year since the early 1980s. Meanwhile, many street vendors have turned to the black market, where two-year, full-time permits can cost up to $25,000.

The Street Vendor Modernization Act would gradually double the number of permits over the course of seven years, allowing for 600 more street vendors each year. It also calls for the city to create a vendor law-enforcement unit.

“Is enforcement going to be strong enough to make sure that vendors are doing the right thing? And will this address the real issue, which is that vendors are dipping into the black market and paying thousands of dollars? So how can we alleviate them from that issue as well?” Consumer Affairs Committee Chair Rafael Espinal said.

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