Street vendors serving better school lunches

Questionable school lunches are slowly but surely being obliterated, from Michele Obama’s campaign to revolutionize and remix school lunches to famous chefs like Jamie Oliver getting involved in making sure school lunch is nutritious and delicious. Now there’s a new option. Meet Jillian Cruickshank, a high school sophomore in Jacksonville, Florida, who designed and created the Brainfood food truck concept: a food truck that brings new mobile food options to local schools.

So far, Brainfood is visiting Duval county high schools in the Jacksonville area, and giving kids tasty options like Buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese, a garlic pepper beef bowl, and a healthy Cajun chicken wrap. Each of the menu items, which will be offered on a rotating basis, meet theHealthierUS School Challenge standards for nutrition, and were all tested by district students.

“Jillian’s Brainfood design communicates how healthy eating provides energy for you to focus in the classroom and how choosing fresh, delicious foods nourishes student minds and bodies,” said Brian Giles, vice president of operations for Chartwells-Thompson High School in Duval County. “We are always looking for fun, new ways to engage with the community but have no plans for any competition at this time. The community has really responded positively to the food trucks and is appreciative of the healthy options provided to anyone and everyone.”

As of yet, there are no plans to expand the school lunch truck nationally, but the idea could catch on.